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Triple Guarantee – Terms

Money Back Guarantee
1. The money back guarantee only applies to the lesson you are on and not previous lessons.
2. Your relationship with the driving school will end and you will be free to source another.
3. In the event you have pre paid for a block booking you will be refunded as follows.
a) you lose any discount
b) all previous lessons are charged at full rate
c) the money returned is the sum you paid less the previous lessons
d) you will be refunded within 14 days

Pass Promise
1. you will pass your theory test within 6 weeks of starting with the school
2. you will take a minimum of 2 hours of lessons a week
3. failure to make a lesson, such as illness or holiday, the time has to be made back up
4. the test is booked by the driving instructor.
5. before going to test you will have passed a mock test and completed your driving lesson syllabus
6. If you do fail, you will have to take at least 6 hours of remedial lessons
7. all tests are taken with the driving school
8. the instructor may offer you free hire of the car or lessons in lieu of a test, which will be to the value of or greater than the test.

2yr Warranty
1. you have 3 hours per year for 2 years
2. hours cannot pass over into a following year
3. you cannot sell the hours or ask for money
4. you provide a road legal car, you fuel it
5. a date, time and location has to be agreed with the instructor

We make these terms as easy to follow as possible and they are for the benefit of safe driving.