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Confidence Building Driving Lessons

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People were not designed to drive – fact
It really is true, if we were designed to drive then our eyes would see further, and we might even have them at the back of our heads. Our reflexes would be sharper and hey who knows, me could have been designed with wheels instead of feet…imagine that!

And this is the reason why you feel edgy when it comes to driving because your central nervous system is technically slamming on the brakes and warning you there is danger. So when you feel anxious it is perfectly normal.

Now we can help you but those feelings of nervousness to bed, and we do it by training you in a such a way we push out the boundaries (to your pace) so that you prove to yourself you are in fact in control and you can afford to feel comfortable. At all times we will be with you, the car has dual controls and is ultra safe.

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It is perfectly natural to feel anxious when learning to drive.

After all humans were not designed for this.

So let us help you build up your confidence and put you in control of your driving.