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Driving Lessons Reading

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Driving Lessons Reading

Need a driving school in Reading to help you get your driving licence? Well you ought to know about our TRIPLE GUARANTEE…

We know there are lots of driving lessons in Reading provided by many different schools but how can you tell who is going to be the best driving instructor in Reading for you? We think our Triple Guarantee not only insures you are going to get top quality training, but we make a promise about passing your driving test the first time and we also give you free refresher lessons in the event you want to go over a few points once you have passed your test.

1. Money Back Guarantee
2. Pass Promise
3. 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

So let us explain a little more about what this is all about…

Money Back Guarantee

You do not know if the driving school in Reading you take your driving lessons is any good, so what we do is we give you our guarantee. It is very simple, if you do not like the driving lesson, you ask for your money back. There is no quibble, no fuss, no bother. You might be thinking “are they mad?” But no we are totally sane, we just want to prove to you we know we are really good and want to prove it to you.

Pass Promise
We promise you that if you do not not pass first time, we will cover the cost of your next test. Let’s get real here for a minute, you are not taking driving lessons in Reading for the fun of it, you are here to get your driving licence.
While some may claim to be the best driving school in Reading, again we just want to show you how committed we are to your training and how strongly we believe you will pass first time.

2 Year Driving Licence Warranty
You need to be a safe driver and this is why we provide you a warranty of free driving lessons after your test. You may need us for lots of reasons.
To help you get used to your new car.
Perhaps you have not driven for a while after passing your test and you feel the need to brush up on skills.
Maybe you have been caught speeding.
Or it could be you have had a bump, scrape or feel unsure about a certain thing such as roundabouts.

What we are trying to achieve is to make sure you are safe – that’s it.



Perfect for any new driver who wants to have an amazing start



For the learner who has already started to drive and does not need the basics



It is normal to feel anxious about driving, but we will help you become a confident driver



Failed your test with another school? We can put that right for you

Driving Lessons Reading
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